The Benefits of ROYAL GOLD are as follows:

Maintain Overall Strength and Improve Muscle Growth:
ROYAL GOLD will help protein synthesis and improve muscle growth.

Increase Endurance and Stamina:
ROYAL GOLD shows noticable increase in the time for most athletes to workout.

Speed up Fat Burn:
ROYAL GOLD will help your body make the switch to depending on fat for fuel.

Reduced Fatigue:
ROYAL GOLD will help ward off the mental fatigue that sometimes accompanies long workouts.

Increase Mental Focus:
ROYAL GOLD will improve your short term memory and processing abilities.

Muscle Sparing:
ROYAL GOLD will help protect your muscle fibers from suffering too much damage.

Improve Recovery:
ROYAL GOLD helps increase protein synthesis and guard your body from damage.

Reduce body pain:
ROYAL GOLD helps reduce damage and improved recovery after a strenuous work.

Improve Performance in Daily Activity:
ROYAL GOLD helps improve your overall performance including improving physical and psychological activity. Royal Gold will help your brain and body will operate more efficiently during actual event, allowing you to maintain your focus and make better decisions.

Alleviate Swelling:
ROYAL GOLD helps alleviate swelling all over the body or in one part of the body (such as your legs) and muscle weakness, fatigue, or cramps.

Recover Protein Loss:
ROYAL GOLD helps recover protein loss during a period of illness and liver disease, such as hepatitis or cancer in the liver.

Help Recover Most Disease:
ROYAL GOLD helps recover most diseases such as congestive heart failure , pericarditis, inflammatory bowel diseases, or lymphoma.

Overcome Side Effects
ROYAL GOLD helps overcome some side effects from medications such as Infections, metabolic acidosis, peritoneal dialysis, protein loss across the body.


Recommended dose: Take 1-2 capsules daily with or without meals as a concentrated whold food supplement.

Packaging: 200 capsules

Made in Canada


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