Rocky Ice Honey

Rocky Mountain Ice Honey comes from various wild flowers growing beside Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy this rare and delicious treat.

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Canada Best Food is a company based in Vancouver, a city full of health and life satisfaction.

Founded in Canada, a representative country of cleanliness, we provide the best service and healthy products to Canadian residents and Korean customers. As our customer base continues to grow, we continue to expand our differentiated services and products to the world.

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Our Happy Customers!

The Rocky Ice Honey is very flavourful and is exceptional quality. Will definitely buy again!
Craig N.
Since I took QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules, I haven't caught a cold for more than 2 years. It's really nice for keeping health!
Kilby T.
The beef jerky tastes the best without being loaded with sugar and hight-fructose corn syrup.
Rachel S.