Solution  to Arthritis and Tumors!

Shark cartilage in capsule form is currently being used successfully to combat the pain of arthritis. Shark cartilage contains large amounts of mucopolysaccharides (carbohydrates that form chemical bonds with water) which stimulate the immune system. This reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis.
Since cartilage is a living tissue, oral dosages are believed to actually help repair damaged human cartilage, according to Dr. Lane. Additional research has shown that the angiogenesis-inhibiting properties of shark cartilage work synergistically with the mucopolysaccharides to stop new blood vessel invasion of cartilage. This eliminates degradation of functioning cartilage. Clinical trials and practical application have shown that shark cartilage orally administered before meals is effective in reducing the pain score for many arthritic patients. Eighty percent of osteoarthritis patients at the Comprehensive Medical Clinic in Southern California responded well .

Cartilage contains an anti-angiogenic substance which stops the blood supply from developing.  The basis for shark cartilage therapy is that if the blood supply to
tumors can be interrupted, they will stop growing and eventually die. Research has demonstrated that cartilages anti-angiogenic properties can do just this.
A renowned researcher has further demonstrated that shark cartilage contains one thousand times more of the angiogenesis inhibitor than any other type of cartilage.

This incredible benefit of shark cartilage is a result of using a high quality shark product.
QualityLab SHARK GOLD A contains 100% of the highest quaity shark cartilge from deep Pacific ocean.


Directions: Take 2-3 capsules daily with an empty stomach.

Packaging: 500 capsules

Made in Canada


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